Get more out of your photos

Product Features

Finding your best photos using AI

PhotoFinder runs a lot of numbers on your photos, including contrast, focus, noise levels and photo features, to determine what we believe is your best photos. In top of that we learn from your behaviour and your favourites to be even better at predicting the photos you are most likely to keep and cherish.

Spring clean with ease

Poor, tilted and blurry pictures can be a nuisance, as could duplicates that eventually will clog up your photo library. PhotoFinder can help you to identify these photos and save tons of time when you trying to get your photo library sorted

Control of your photos

Sometimes property formats and achieves will limit your ability to access and work your photos properly, forcing to use closed backup solutions. PhotoFinder uses none of that to enable you to be in control of your photos.

Easy import and organization

PhotoFinder utilizes both direct import from cameras, but also just dragging an entire folder to be imported. It is that simple.

In addition, through the ability to sort and filter on a various paramters, it is easy to create the albums you need with the photos you want.